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Hello Stranger, it’s been a while

know your platypus

Busy times afoot in the Breaking B.A.D house,  my exploration into ways to work from home led me to set up a website for my own enterprise (long running but a bit neglected) and also to start putting my doodling to good use by designing some greetings cards (cheeky plug) and setting up the means of attempting to sell them.  I’m also job-hunting…I have plenty of enthusiasm for entrepreneurial ventures but I don’t think they’ll cover the rent so I’m going to need a day job.  Luckily I’m probably in a decent position to get agency work, but I’m wary of getting drawn back in to the same career.  If anyone needs a slightly odd but friendly bookseller, look no further! I can start Monday 🙂

Anyway, having been side tracked by recent events I am back on the mission to find ways to break B.A.D and this month’s slightly late starter is going to involve checking out the science bit and finding out about more on research, theories, therapies, meds and all that jazz – know thine enemy.  Here’s what NIMH has to say about the current status of neuroimaging and mental illness.

It’s nice to be back, I shall try to stay well enough not to whinge for a while.

Peace x


Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain  ~ Carl Jung


Jung was interested in images of dreams and fantasies.  So here’s a fantasy. My other fantasy is that my scanner is not broken, but that was even more boring to draw (though not as boring as photographing pictures and uploading them).

Clearly my fantasies are not so fantastical, here I am looking at the sea, getting a bit of peace… except that it’s where I live – not in the sea, just near it – that’s the fantasy part.

Anyway, after reading about Jung (who, coincidentally, seems to be referenced in a lot of the fiction I have been reading recently) and being a bit stuck for inspiration, I decided to doodle some dream images.  Talking about your dreams is a bit like discussing your aches and pains eg.  more interesting to you than anyone else – I’ll try to bear this in mind.

Jung’s analysis involved working closely with patients to investigate and understand the meaning in the dream-images they created; I take this to mean that he didn’t get too Freudian about everything (‘You dreamed about snakes!? Mwahahaha…’) but rather discussed archetypes and possible connotations based on the patients own thoughts and experiences.   The devil, as it were, is in the detail.

So, here’s a dreamscape in which I was telling off the owners of a tiger and a panther for walking the aforementioned big cats in my local park.  I refused to be placated when they showed me their we’re-allowed-to-walk-big-cats-in-the-park licences.

The panther didn't have a monkey-face in my dream, I just can't draw very well.

The panther didn’t have a monkey-face in my dream, I just can’t draw very well.

There are shades of the Jungian archetype The Shadow in those big cats… The dark self on a leash?  Crumbs.  That’s worrying.  However, Jung might have been more interested in the colour of the leash, or the breed of cat or even the ‘licence’ aspect of the dream, depending on the information I gave him.  Since he’s not around to ask I’m going to conclude that my sub-conscious has deep-held concerns about wild carnivorous creatures hanging around in public places.  Which are very sensible concerns to have.

I always sleep in the bath

I always sleep in the bath

And now for something completely different…and yet the same.  In this dream I woke up fully dressed in a bathtub as an old friend brought me a cup of tea. There’s a rather nice little plant on the windowsill there too.  Frankly I can’t make head nor tail of that one –  not a clue.  All I know is that I was really disappointed to wake up in actual real life without that cuppa.

I could go on with the dream illustrations and thrilling synopses but I’m going to leave that whole topic there for now.  It seems wise.  But I reckon there’s something cathartic about dream-doodling so I may not quit entirely…

For now though, I’ll leave you with a snarky doodle of PM David Cameron.

dave's plans

…and a finished version of another doodle.


Peace x

Messing around with felt tips – what would Jung say?

messing around with felt tips

So I’ve been doodling a bit, although I have probably spent more time helping the resident youth create some revision posters for her forthcoming exams by illustrating them (or ‘messing about with felt tips’ if you ask the aforementioned yoof).  I’ve developed the traditional half-term sore-throat & sniffle and keep giving up on things in favour of a little nap, which is not conducive to a highly productive week (and my scanner has died so I can’t make decent copies of anything) but I’ve taken a few scrappy shots of some of my doodle-drafts so you know I am at least trying.


Next time use pencil.


Cameron Cartoon draft

Nigel Farage: UFIB

Nigel Farage: UFIB

At some point I’ll try to make at least one of them into a finished…thing.

Although the spirit and flesh have been weak over the last week, I have had a closer look at some of the theories behind the concept of art therapy.  Here are some ideas about the ‘function’ of art as therapy wherein the power of art is not only in the creation of the image but the appreciation and interpretation of it  http://www.brainpickings.org/2013/10/25/art-as-therapy-alain-de-botton-john-armstrong/

Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist Carl Jung encouraged his patients to draw their dreams and fantasies, working with the patient to interpret the images as part of their therapeutic journey.  There’s a nice prezi here https://prezi.com/qgcnvlhrcvxr/jungian-analytic-art-therapy/ (which you’ll need to zoom into and pan across to access in full) giving some background and some more ‘intense’ information here.

My dreams are chaotic at best so I’m not sure how I’d feel about drawing them…I’ll probably have a nap and think on it.

Peace x

Challenge 4: Where has my cup gone? And other stuff.


Finally the cups took matters into their own hands and made their own way to the dishwasher.

I had to start (again) somewhere so here are this week’s eclectic (messy) offerings so far.  Behold my theory about where all the cups at work have disappeared to.  Really, they just keep vanishing.  We need, like, Scooby-Doo, man.

Also behold my attempt at a *haiku, inspired by some of this week’s less tasteful mental-health related headlines.


* my daughter pointed out to me that I have the haiku wrong, that it’s 5,7,5 and refused to accept my ‘inverse haiku’ argument.  Considering it’s my job to remember this stuff it’s a bit embarrassing – plus I hate it when she’s right.

So here’s a ‘haiku’ haiku

Keep to the attic 

Dark words ignite bright torches

Flames and pitchforks come

Tadaa! (Hopefully the poetry will improve.  Or stop)

Oh, and a visual representation of how I’ve felt most of this week.



Despite a total lack of motivation to do anything but eat cake and slump, I’ve forced myself to go to the gym twice.  Thanks February challenge *raspberries*.  And since I’ve been over-tired and struggling to sleep, I’ve been listening to these to help me relax –  I may have posted them before, sorry about that if so.  If you can get past the slightly creepy voice this one’s pretty good for getting calm to-


And this one’s just cute…if you like rivers and lanterns.


Personally I prefer Zopiclone for solving sleeping difficulties, but my GP rarely lets me have them *more raspberries* because people become addicted to them – I can’t think why…

Peace x

A Successful Failure (or How To Be An Oxymoron)

So April begins.  I think a fair indication of how tumultuously busy recent times have been here is the fact that my partner-in-crime and I have only this weekend been able to take our tiny Valentine’s Day break,…and so I am going to continue my challenge into April.  The Easter holiday will give me a head start – or at least allow me to catch up with myself.

March has been an interesting month though, as well as a busy one.  I didn’t get the job I went for, I was just having a quick power-nap between work and folk clubbing (I’ll get on to that) when they called me – a rude awakening indeed.  However, bizarrely enough, although I was obviously disappointed that my overall genius didn’t make up for the experience I lacked, I found the whole interview process to be a positive one.  At no point did I think I can’t do this because I have B.A.D and being rejected had nothing to do with my having B.A.D.  It’s been the-thing-holding-me-back for so long that it was sort of refreshing to be held back by a different thing, and to be able to look at that particular thing and know that doing x + y would be a solution.

But on reflection I don’t think I want to do x or y.  Not right now.  I am, as they say, considering my options…

Anyway, in spite of March being far less artsy and creative than I’d hoped, I did manage to go retro (or even vintage *gulp*) for a folksy night out in celebration of my grandad’s 80th birthday – I sang and played the guitar badly at least once…in fact it ended up being a funny little family ensemble with my dad playing the guitar and my daughter singing too.  The old crooner himself also got a song in.  Before you start thinking we’re some kind of weird intergenerational version of The Corrs, this is not a thing we ever do as a family.  Never.  So it was new.  We might even do it again.  Once I’ve learned to play F.  Man I hate F.

So stay with me, I haven’t put my guitar away yet.  Nor my crayons.  In fact I’m covering an Art class on Wednesday.  Crumbs.

Welcome to April.

Peace x

Has anyone seen my mojo? *mopes*

It's brilliant! Isn't it? Hmm.  No, it's terrible.  Or is it?

It’s brilliant! Isn’t it? Hmm. No, it’s terrible. Or is it?

I’ve been holding off writing anything for a few days.  Life got in the way of art last week so I’ve nothing to offer…yet.    To be honest I’m not at my best, not depressed as such, just a bit downhearted and sort-of- twitchy n’ anxious.  Yes, pity me.

On a positive note, the fact that I haven’t been able to spend any time doing some of the good stuff has given me the final nudge I need to make some changes, or at least begin the process of making some changes.

Being creative isn’t just about ‘creating’ – there’s a contradiction, but stay with me – it’s to do with how we think, how we see and approach things.  I used to put an awful lot of creative thought into my job, it’s the thing I loved best about it; finding new ways to do things, to make a-not-so-exciting thing interesting or fun… I felt that being able to do that maybe went some way to making up for the things I’m not so good at.   Like doing exactly as I’m told all the time.  *hangs head in shame*

It’s not that I don’t still put creative effort in to what I do, it’s more that the value of creativity  has diminished and it makes me feel, well, sad.  Trying to adapt has left me in a bit of a no-man’s land and I have all but lost my mojo.  Whatever a mojo is.

This is not necessarily news to me, I’ve just been hand-wringing about what to do for the best.

What- to- do- for- the- best is likely to be a thing involving a bit of courage.  Erk.   Having spent a good deal of my life tidying up the mess of impulse-driven choices, I don’t always trust my own judgement.  I have trouble with big decisions (and little ones…Carrot cake or chocolate cake?  Coffee or tea? Argh!  I don’t know! Why is the universe  making me decide such a thing – what if I choose wrong?!).  Now is probably the time to stop procrastinating.  *Wibble*  Perhaps I shall express my  anxieties about the whole thing through the medium of interpretive dance as my creative effort this week.

Just kidding.

Peace x