What’s all this about then?

Hello and welcome to my blog.  That’s quite formal isn’t it?  But we have only just met (and on the internet too) so it’ll do for now.   This blog is intended to be a record of my quest for a level kind of life.  It will hopefully also provide some links to resources which haven’t been cobbled together by somebody messing about on the net (me).

I have found that, unless you are in the midst of a full-blown mental health meltdown, it is very difficult to access support.  Which means that day-to-day you’re out there on you’re own trying to stay steady.  This was a source of huge frustration to me during a horrible mixed episode when I would have tried anything to feel normal again.  And then I  realised that the time to try things was probably before the episode took hold.  So, I have set myself a challenge to try a new ‘thing’ each month to see if it enhances my life.  By ‘enhances’ I mean ‘goes some way to keeping me steady’ and by ‘steady’ I mean ‘not mad as a march hare’.

Now the nature of B.A.D (which is an umbrella term for a whole spectrum of diagnoses) is that it  cannot necessarily be managed without some intervention.  I am not suggesting that episodes can be prevented by taking up embroidery, not at all.  My aim is merely to see what sort of things help me, and put my efforts in a place where they might be useful to others (that’s here).

My first challenge, because I am tired of being asked if I have tried yoga, is to investigate meditation and yoga.  Next month I shall try something else…and so on.  If I find something useful, or silly enough, I’ll try to keep it up.

If I disappear for a while I’ll probably just be hiding under my bed until the dread passes, or setting up my own space-tourism agency – or some other thing that seems perfectly reasonable of an afternoon.   I’ll no doubt be back before long.  Honest.


If, by some slight chance you are reading this in a state of desperation because it’s 4am and you’re in crisis (or someone you know is) and you really have no idea what to do, nor indeed how you’ve ended up on this page … please speak to these people  http://www.samaritans.org/how-we-can-help-you/contact-us  or, in some areas, these people  http://www.mentalhealthmatters.com/our-services/helpline-services/  they are friendly and will listen.  I know this x


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