A Successful Failure (or How To Be An Oxymoron)

So April begins.  I think a fair indication of how tumultuously busy recent times have been here is the fact that my partner-in-crime and I have only this weekend been able to take our tiny Valentine’s Day break,…and so I am going to continue my challenge into April.  The Easter holiday will give me a head start – or at least allow me to catch up with myself.

March has been an interesting month though, as well as a busy one.  I didn’t get the job I went for, I was just having a quick power-nap between work and folk clubbing (I’ll get on to that) when they called me – a rude awakening indeed.  However, bizarrely enough, although I was obviously disappointed that my overall genius didn’t make up for the experience I lacked, I found the whole interview process to be a positive one.  At no point did I think I can’t do this because I have B.A.D and being rejected had nothing to do with my having B.A.D.  It’s been the-thing-holding-me-back for so long that it was sort of refreshing to be held back by a different thing, and to be able to look at that particular thing and know that doing x + y would be a solution.

But on reflection I don’t think I want to do x or y.  Not right now.  I am, as they say, considering my options…

Anyway, in spite of March being far less artsy and creative than I’d hoped, I did manage to go retro (or even vintage *gulp*) for a folksy night out in celebration of my grandad’s 80th birthday – I sang and played the guitar badly at least once…in fact it ended up being a funny little family ensemble with my dad playing the guitar and my daughter singing too.  The old crooner himself also got a song in.  Before you start thinking we’re some kind of weird intergenerational version of The Corrs, this is not a thing we ever do as a family.  Never.  So it was new.  We might even do it again.  Once I’ve learned to play F.  Man I hate F.

So stay with me, I haven’t put my guitar away yet.  Nor my crayons.  In fact I’m covering an Art class on Wednesday.  Crumbs.

Welcome to April.

Peace x


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