Week one’s efforts: Nobody said it would be pretty.

What is with the hideous freeze-frame?  *shudder*


Well, I’ve had to do a number of things I wouldn’t ever have dreamed of doing just to upload this little clip-let.  These things include: playing a rather beautiful guitar which doesn’t belong to me but to an actual guitarist (who is probably weeping right now at the crimes against strings I have committed on it) allowing my daughter to record me doing the above and then uploading the evidence to youtube just so I could leave it here.  Oh and creating a youtube channel for that purpose.  Pfft. Never say I don’t make the effort.

Anyway, I’ll be drawing something this week, I think that would be better for everyone.

In terms of being life-enhancing as an activity though, I’d say the whole song-writer-y thing’s done me some good.  It’s been tricksy attempting to write to a deadline, which accounts for the shortness/lateness of this little piece, but it’s been a long time since I wrote lyrics and it’s been nice to go all retro (if not vintage – gulp) and pick it up again.

Plus the Rock of Ages thing has its’ origins in the fact that it’s the hymn my grandfather, Frank, used to sing to me (an odd choice for a non-religious chap, and not a particularly peaceful lullaby…perhaps he just liked the tune).  Anyway, that little part of this lyric emerged from that family gem a long while ago, but it came back to me after my grandfather died last year.  Now he’d probably wince at the terrible things happening with the strings, but I’m sure he’d like a little bit of song dedicated to him.  And I think he’d approve of all the tiny acts of bravery that accompanied its’ appearance here.  Although I think jumping out of a plane might have impressed him more.  *Hey, it’s on my list.

To conclude.  Art is good for the soul so far, but before I attempt any further musical shares I’ll learn 1) how to record sound properly 2) how to strum a guitar and make the right chord shapes 3) how to use youtube properly and 4) how to get a decent angle on the camera to best convey my natural beauty and radiance. But first sleep.

Here’s to Frank x

*It’s not.


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