‘Sleep that knits up the ravell’d sleeve of care’ That’s Shakespeare that is. Must have been an insomniac…

After a few days spent creaking & ouch-ing I will be heading back to the gym tomorrow, I’m hoping to find a zumba class this week (which I recall being hilariously poor at) and am looking forward to returning to yoga.   I would say so far that my exercise experiment is proving to be a good thing, I feel like I have achieved something at the end of each session – cramp usually.

My sleep pattern is still a bit messy though and since I have a hard time getting any sleep meds out of my GP I have had to go herbal on my insomnia.  Valerian seems to be the key ingredient for herbally-induced sleep and the best stuff I ever tried was an uber-cheap Wilkinson’s own brand remedy.  However, due to ready availability (thanks chemist down the road) and a special offer, Sominex is currently occupying my bedside table. I can’t say whether it works because I think it will work or whether it works because it…well, works.  *And frankly I don’t care.  If I end up asleep it’s all good.

In a two-pronged attack I’ve also  gone all January-retro and tried to meditate before bed-time, as well as listening to a bit of sleep-hypnosis from this disembodied voice and zoning out to the sound of gentle rain.

Not sleeping well really messes with my mind so I’m keen not to get into the 4am-pacing zone.

In other news there’s been quite a lot said about MH and related topics  in the media over the last week or so that I kind of want to mention, but I don’t want to end up writing ALL IN CAPS about it due to being all outraged n’ stuff so I’ll sleep on it for now.  Hopefully.

Peace x

*I did read all the labels though just in case my other drugs don’t like herbs; it all seems to be ok but if I turn green and grow claws/horns  overnight ( a common drug-interaction reaction 🙂 )  I’ll know it probably isn’t.


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