Tired body, lively mind…

I went to the gym yesterday in the hope that more activity would soothe my aching muscles after Wednesday night’s double exercise whammy…  possibly a backwards idea.  All I can say is that I don’t ache any more than I did on Thursday.  Feel free to get celebratory on my behalf.

Now you’d think expending more energy would mean I’ve been sleeping like a baby (actually scratch that, babies aren’t renowned for being excellent sleepers, sleeping like a cat is probably more appropriate)  but I seem to wake up at least once a night despite all of the meditation tricks I’ve learned.  In fact that’s why I’m writing this now – my body clock thinks I’m an owl.  My current theory is that my brain is making up for all the time it spent imitating a rock last year; it’s good to feel motivated & hopeful again.  A bit more sleep would be nice though.

You’d also think that more exercise + a massively reduced rate of ice-cream consumption would have made me feel a bit less squishy, but not so far..I suppose that could be because I’ve somehow replaced Ben & Jerry with chocolate muffins .  I always  have some little food fad going on but never seem to have one that involves a craving for salad.  I’m definitely going to need to maintain this gym-ing thing long term if I can’t kick cake.

Anyway, I’m going to try some sleep-meditation-wizardry.  And if that doesn’t work maybe read the TV instruction manual or the rules of Scrabble  in the hope of boring myself to sleep.

Happy weekend 🙂


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