How well is too well… how can I tell? (and when will I be able to resist pointless rhymes and rhetorical questions?)

Of course my writing's straight - you're just looking at it from the wrong angle...

Of course my writing’s straight – you’re just looking at it from the wrong angle…

Today I walked five miles.  I did this because I was too full to go to the gym after a roast potato- heavy carvery lunch.  I also needed to collect a parcel from the local royal mail delivery office (Rock n’ roll times)  which isn’t that local when you’re drunk on food and wearing inappropriate footwear.

It was nice to be out in the sunshine though, with my brain ticking over other rock n’ roll stuff like Did I remember  put the washing on? Do I need to buy milk? When did I get a hole in my boot?  That sort of thing.  Delightfully and boringly normal.  I say delightfully because sometimes a dark spell can flip right over into an upswing that just keeps on going…well, up, which is nice…but only to begin with.

Anyway, thinking about feeling normal reminded me of an old doodle, so I thought I’d share it with you.  I stole the general idea from somewhere but I can’t remember where.  Oops. It also reminded me that I should probably make more effort to record my moods.  I used to use but there’s a whole range of apps out there which the more technologically minded will already have downloaded and discarded for something newer.   Calling a mood tracker ‘Happiness’ is probably a bit presumptuous though.  Just sayin’.


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