Petition for apology – Bipolar stigmatisation (reblogged from By Lauren Hayley)

I’m not shocked by this, in fact it’s very FOX isn’t it. They’ve had to make a lot of apologies recently…another one definitely gets my vote. Whether I choose to accept it or not. And having managed to maintain a lightearted repose thus far I shall go and let my brain explode in private. Again.

PS: Here’s an overview of Tom Sullivan’s expert contrbution to the cause of ignorance

And in the interests of fairness,  a little proof that the UK right-wing press love to spread a bit of ignorance too  Oh, and if you’re not annoyed enough, the resolution offered by the PCC was somewhat half-hearted

Grr.  Never mind February Fitness, I’m going to have to go back to meditating.


I can’t actually believe people still get away with stigmatising mental illness, and that it is then allowed to be broadcast either via radio or TV. It is disgusting and proves that there is still a lot of hard work to be done to eliminate these ignorant views.

Please sign this petition to help gain an apology from American radio host, Tom Sullivan, who mocked Bipolar Disorder on air – labelling it as ‘made up’ and ‘the latest fad’.


It will take two minutes of your time, showing that you will not stand for these types of derogatory labels being put on the very real and painful mental illnesses that we suffer with.


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