Catfink – he’s a good chap really.

You know where you stand with cats.

You know where you are with cats.

I’m currently putting together my January Challenge Best and Worst.  But in the meantime I thought I’d share an old-ish doodle since I have had one or two things to  say recently on the subject.  I love my cat.  But he has caused me as much heartache as joy – accidentally leaving home because he got his addresses mixed up, getting into a cat-fight and subsequently losing an eye, getting stuck in numerous cupboards and drawers during his obligatory cat investigations, and being a constant trip hazard.  However, at times when I am low he does tend to follow me about the house and sleep curled up on my chest, rather than doing his usual daily cat-things such as tormenting other cats and frightening the birds.  And I like to think he wouldn’t try to eat me if I were to stay still for too long.  Yeah, he’s a good chap really.


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