Learning to be less easily distracte…ooh look, pretty lights…

Being distracted by a good cause- Letters Against Depression

My 10 minutes meditation was lovely this morning, it felt relatively easy to tune out, although I hadn’t had much sleep so that might have helped.   See, upon finding myself sleepless last night I chose not to listen to a guided meditation or hypnosis track (why go for something that’s proven to work?)  instead I thought I’d go retro & deal with my dash of insomnia by reading a book and doing a bit of investigation into possibilities for February’s challenge (so much for living in the moment).

So, whilst yawning my way around the early-morning internet I remembered a conversation with my partner-in-crime about blue light and how it can mess with your circadian rhythm (and who wants their circadian rhythm messed with?).  Anyway, he was showing off the blue-light-filter on his phone so I decided I needed a blue-light filter too – obviously that’s not the only reason I wanted one, y’know there’s all those mental health reasons and stuff (ok, it was a key factor.  I am essentially a massive child).

Being a bit more low tech I had to find some software compatible with my ancient laptop.  After a brief search I stumbled into f.lux and it is now giving my screen a pretty pinkish glow. Which is, er, really exciting for me.

Still awake, I then turned to twitter to find out if there was anything I needed to be outraged about.  In the process I wandered across a tweet about  lettersagainstdepression.com and was curious enough to check it out.   It’s a very simple idea –  you are sent a list of people who have requested a letter and you write them a little note.   The main message being you are not alone.  All of the details are on the website.  I’m putting pen to paper when I get a few spare moments but I’m finding it tricky to work out what to say.  It’s so easy to be trite.  This got me to thinking – if I struggle to know what to say to someone who is depressed, being a depression-veteran and all, it’s little wonder that people who’ve never experienced it regularly bumble about also not knowing what to say, or saying all the wrong stuff.  Hmm. I might become more tolerant and accepting of such things.  But I’m not making any promises.

Anyway, the upshot of this whole post is that, thoroughly distracted by all of the above in spite of my best meditative efforts, I am no closer to deciding what February’s challenge should be.

And I still haven’t done any  yoga.

I had a stretch this morning, does that count?


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