Taking time to ‘stand and stare’… can make you late for work


Actually enjoyed my 10 minute headspace  this morning, found it easier to recognise when my thoughts were wandering (regularly) and felt more refreshed than sleepy once I’d finished.  A first.

Buoyed up by this I headed to work in a much better frame of mind than the one I found myself in yesterday.  A very pretty frost was covering the hawthorn along the river path and I spied a cheery little robin perching on a branch, so I paused to take in the scene (I am a bit of a nature nerd; once, on the way to a friend’s wedding rehearsal I tripped and shredded my knees  trying to avoid stepping on a beetle – leading my daughter to announce to the congregation that I had ‘fallen over a ladybird’)  Anyway, I digress, the point is I do try to take notice of the little things and appreciate them.  Which is, y’know, mindful. Unfortunately this morning my mindful moment went on a bit too long and I was almost late for work.   And it got me to thinking that ‘being in the moment’ is fine when the moment is all lovely & nice and you’ve got time to ‘be’ in it.  But not all moments are lovely & nice ( Any takers for the moment you tell your boss you’re late because you were ‘looking at a robin’? No?) and running late is stressful, which kind of defeats the object.

A fine balance is required.

Achieving a fine balance is another thing I don’t excel at.

Ah well.  I’ll keep trying.

If you want to go on a short nature-kick, without being late for stuff, you could try this meditation.  It’s not for me to be honest, but the music and sounds are quite sweet   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVnEfC8YSpI


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