If you can’t shake it off, sleep it off


When I woke up there were birds singing, there was even some sunshine.  I felt pretty chipper as I made some coffee. I did 10 minutes of meditation with headspace.com and then answered some emails, got some work done and read the news for a while.  I had plans to search out a local yoga session.  But somewhere between morning and afternoon my good mood sneakily snuck off and left me really grumpy (am I that afraid of yoga? 🙂 )  I went for a wander but couldn’t walk it off so I turned to a worn-out but much-loved strategy; sleep.  Which is lazy, considering I am trying to find new ways of dealing with moods.  But it did leave me feeling a bit less horrible, and stopped me biting anyone’s head off.  So.  A success.  Better get back to it zzzz

*PS – I suppose should have read this earlier  http://tinybuddha.com/blog/10-ways-to-let-go-and-overcome-a-bad-mood/   but it turns out I did number three anyway...’I will feel better when…I’ve had a sleep’


One response to “If you can’t shake it off, sleep it off

  1. Completely relate!
    Currently trying to find another fail safe mood lifter! 🙂

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