A ‘Labelling Emotions’ Fail (or how not to mind when you can’t be Mindful)

Mindfulness: Labelling Emotions Excercise

The Life and Times of B.P Bear:  Mindfulness

So, I’m making progress with the 10 minute sessions on headspace.com and I think it’s helping me to approach things more calmly.  So far. Anyway, I thought I’d have a go at another mindfulness excercise called ‘labelling emotions’ because emotional confusion is a bit of a thing for me (If I can find a suitable file type I will upload it, along with the mindful body scan).  I didn’t do so well with this one though, I found it a bit of a struggle, but that could be because it’s Thursday (the end of my working week) and just sitting still made me feel quite happy.  In fairness, I was able to label my emotion as contentment which should indicate some success, but I only called it that because I was worried about repeating ‘I can’t be arsed’ three times – y’know, in case the guy on the audio could hear me *shakes head at own idiocy*  Sadly, I didn’t find this particular version of the exercise that useful, but it did occur to me that this type of meditation might be  a good thing to try when you’re a bit confused about what you’re feeling or worried you might be entering into a mixed episode.   I will seek out a better version.

But don’t fret, I dealt with this sort-of-failure well – by eating some leftover sweet potato mash.  I don’t think its’ effects are as powerfully medicinal as the icecream I ate yesterday, but I’m doing ok   😉

Tonight I shall be returning to the Mindfulness BodyScan…I’ll report back on that, if I can stay awake.  Peace.


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