The January Challenge – Meditation & Mindfulness (And maybe Yoga. Maybe)

After a day or so dallying about the net, I kicked off this challenge properly on Tuesday by signing up for 10 free 10 minute online meditation sessions at, guided by Andy of the freindly voice.  He doesn’t mention mother nature’s golden light once (see below for more on that). So far I’ve managed to do the first two and,  if nothing else, it was nice to take some time out at the start of the day and not think about anything.  Well, not think about much.

But before I stumbled across headspace I had a go at clearing my chakras on Sunday with a guided meditation I found here which I have to admit left me feeling quite chipper and sprightly.  Although I did struggle to visualise mother nature’s golden light to begin with.

I also had a listen to this  when I couldn’t sleep on Sunday night and it worked a treat.  I’m going to find out a bit more about binaural beats over the next few days.

Monday I had a go at a Mindful Body Scan but I fell asleep half way through.  I’m going to come back to that one.

Oh and between times I ate 500ml of icecream, for its’ medicinal properties.  Worked a treat.



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